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Tack to the left and wheel to the right

Le 7 septembre 2016, 09:45 dans Humeurs 0

"Oh, of course," Matthias agreed. He had taken enormously to the hare. Basil sprang up in a smart military fashion and saluted.

"Right, first things first! Must get you across to the church, young feller me mouse. I say, that green thingummyjig you're wearin' - habit, isn't it? Capital camouflage. You just try lying down anywhere in the shadows. Believe you me, you'd have trouble finding yourself. Top hole-cover, absolutely!"

Basil stopped and ruminated for a moment. His ears lay flat, stood up, men pointed in opposite directions. He continued, "Now, when you've liberated your bit of tapestry or whatever, make straight back across the common. I'll be waiting, never fear. Good! Well, come on, young bucko. We can't sit about here all day like two fat rabbits at a celery chew. Up and at 'em! Quick's the word and sharp's the action! Nip about a bit, young un."

Again Basil vanished only to reappear some three yards out on the common. "Come on, Matthias. Bob and weave, duck and wriggle. Look, it's easy."

Matthias hurried to follow, keeping in mind Basil's instructions. Surprisingly, they seemed to work perfectly and before long the two friends had covered nearly three-quarters of the common land. Matthias could even count the whiskers on some of the rats. He covered his mouth with a paw to stifle a giggle.

"It's really very simple, isn't it, Basil? How am I doing?"

Lush forest cut off shore passed down through

Le 11 novembre 2015, 04:46 dans Humeurs 0

When thinking of you almo nature, and you are here, read you, in a corner of the sky, you shout you, you in the dream, you, you in my heart...
Rain, has been down, miss, continues, we listen to the heart to sing all the way, all the way to collect a little smile, so much so wonderful memory cycle show, at this point, if there is to be sitting right beside you is the only beautiful artistic conception.
In the rainy season, the quiet and sit enron, pillow hear bells, water droplets create ripples in the bottom of my heart, tear a small incision Carpet Cleaning Hong Kong, miss pentium, asperses full whole room, and shining floor also suddenly become wet, that is your response or my affectionate, or is the combination of the tacit understanding each other?
Rainy days, affection, affection silk,thousands of huan vocal operator, but could not prevent the stipulations of the tilting to the heart and heart. Between heaven and earth, love eternal, I will use this life afterlife fate also accompanied by you at this time in the world of mortals, but dear, you hear the voice of my heart business center?
Flowers together, green willows, miss particularly sweet, warm in June. Beads, such as hemp, wait for a sunny day, as long as the heart have you, there is the corner of the world peace. Who can tell me, whether red beans grow in the forest of the south, the hand in hand with you the night sky, the stars and into the sea? The clusters of wisteria, still waiting for my back often watered?

Greedy vanity and tainted by money

Le 2 novembre 2015, 05:27 dans Humeurs 0

This kind of love let me people the impression of my grades became region, family also so smug. How I want to keep this love, much can't understand, but... When parents for the first time when the divorce, in my face when being stolen out of money for the first time, when being used for the first time, when the first slaughter by the society, when so many together for the first time, I won't be my SEO...
For a long time did not write the log, not time, never too busy to spare time to write something so. But don't want to write, not want to let his own heart, showing in front don't want to in this youth to record their mediocre marks, more reluctant to let others see my inner world - that is full of pain, confusion, contradictions of the twisting nether.
Leaders say, just, your writing is good, should pay attention to more at ordinary times working summary. You scratch my head, and was confused about what to do, but it reminds me of the once hear an elder say "some people throughout his life are all in the struggle, but he still is no achievement, it is because he didn't know self summary. At that time I also is not very understand this sentence, my heart whisper, since after so long, how much experience also again, see also deep, how can have no achievement? Now I finally understand that what they say is not only the end of the work and learning, more important is his life.
About life, in fact is really cruel sometimes, let a person very helpless iGuard, the quiet night, I often a person think
, in 78, or ten years, twenty years I will become what kind, whether I can make a difference. I'm really afraid of, because my heart nervous, I don't know what the future will be. Perhaps. Future is never the day like sunrise; Maybe, the day never success as brilliant as the lights; May have to be like this climbing to reach the summit; Maybe, have to be like this running but can't afford to lift the waves; Perhaps, in the end I can leave will be left with a heart of vicissitudes, and a full face of wind and frost. By that time, I wonder if I could have a cheerful state of mind and optimistic spirit in the face of everything. But can be tried, struggle, in old age, when all come back to summarize their experience, will be regrets, is bitter but happy.
About love, now many of the "door" event lets a person feel very disappointed, very sad. Now of the woman be very crazy, very not moral, although this is the 21st century, society becomes rich, advanced, open, but some women, in the face of such people may prefer the traditional point, at the very least, they stick to the moral bottom line. In this era of love there is no guarantee, if anyone who says "I love you, you are my one and only......" Would anyone believe me Singulair? Pure love,50-year-old man married to a woman in her 20's, it is hard to believe that this is because the love, will you believe it? However, helpless, deep helpless, but this is precisely the reality that is the real society. We have no choice but to accept all this.
Tired, wrote so many, more and more feel the mood is very heavy, although there are many want to write, but do not want to write, is not so much don't want to write, or can be said to be reluctant to face the society, face the reality. It's a good thing sometimes a bit naive, pure point, at the very least a lot less figure add troubles...

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