Nowadays, people pay great attention to health care. Many people like to use grain flour to make water, such as sesame paste, lotus root powder, walnut paste and other paste food. Even some people treat the paste food as a staple food, which is more beneficial for the body to absorb nutrients. Is that right?

Mushy food is not for healthy people

If it is immature digestive system of infants and young children, and digestion recession of the old, can edible paste food appropriately, purpose is in the case of bad digestion, still can absorb nutrients as possible.

But if it is an adult with normal digestive function, there is no serious stomach disease, and if you eat a paste, it is harmful to your health. Because food into our body must first through the stomach digestion, and then to the absorption of the intestine, if directly changed the digestion step, easy to digest function less flexible for a long time, and then eat bad digestion of food is prone to indigestion.

How do you want your stomach to eat?

Although say most people have no serious stomach disease, can a lot of people have the stomach bad feeling, often can show is the stomach distension, stomachache, easy to suffer gastroenteritis, still very easy indigestion.

If your stomach is bad, you should pay attention to the stomach is an organ to abide by the time don't need a blind paste food in great quantities, but should pay more attention to law on time to eat, don't eat too full or too exciting, also don't eat food taken late at night or too many snacks.

What is the best food to eat?

Warm food: sensitive people in the stomach have this experience, eating cold food is easy to stomach upset, in fact eating too hot food also easy to hurt the stomach. The best food for the stomach should be warm and warm. For example, many people like to eat bananas or apples instead of staple food, which is not true. Breakfast is best able to drink a cup of warm milk or soya-bean milk, cooperate to eat some bread, steamed bread, baozi and vegetable fruit class to have more stomach.

Pasta: some people feel that the stomach should drink porridge, which is not necessarily true. Eating pasta not only keeps the stomach's digestive function, but also makes it difficult to oversecrete the stomach acid. But it's important to note that some southerners don't like to eat pasta, so they don't have to be too grudging, especially if they're more prone to flatulence.